Muscle-Tension Weight Loss Method

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This is the relief page offered by Tarchan (me. age 32, Japanese man)
dedicated to all the people who have tried a lot of ways for losing weight
and ended all of them unsuccessfully.

1. What is the "Normality Transformation Method?"
In this page, I am going to explain what the normality transformation method is all about.
The normality transformation method answers the following simple question: "why can thin people eat a lot and still not gain weight?" and also looks at the difference of muscle tension between fat and thin people. It is a fairly new type of weight loss method which overcomes the problems of common weight loss methods such as dietary restriction and strenuous exercise.

The normality transformation method has following aspects;

  1. No dietary restriction or special exercise is needed!
  2. Losing excess fat on your face, arms, legs, hips, stomach, etc is possible!
  3. Good news also for anyone who wants to gain weight!
2. How to Practice
Before you start out, read the page "What is the Normality Transformation Method?" first.
Arms and Legs
Cheeks and Chin
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Ragan Rainwater
M. Mori
Shizuka Hasegawa
Yoko Tanaka

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